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Hair Stylist E-Comm & Booking Website Design

Hair Stylist Stella Coller has been in the beauty industry for over 10yrs. Coming from An African background hair braiding is a part of her culture. Braiding hair came naturally to her and has opened the doors for her to explore and find her passion; hand crafting wigs and protective hair styling.

Project Overview: The Stella Slayed Experience needed an e-commerce store to promote her service and sell her hair care products. We also create website launch flyers for her to post on social media.


The Website: Using the existing color palette and logo we created a site focusing on user experience and interface design. This website features information about the company, online retail shop, interactive map of where the product is sold locally, reviews, and a contact information page.

The Stella Slayed Experience website was created using the Wix's Platform


New Website

Launch Flyer

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