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Sheron Mingo Y (Author Site)

Sheron Mingo Y is a cookbook author, multi-genre writer and entrepreneur. Her creative mission is to write and publish family-friendly, witty, inspirational and helpful books that embrace the wholesome, cultural, philosophical, and ethical diverseness of humans. She combines humor with lucid, candid writing. Religion also impacts her writing. Images and phrases from her books embellish her gifts and distinguish her brand. Sheron values readers and writes to create unforgettable moments.

Project Overview: Author ,Sheron Mingo Y ,was in need of a website to showcase her books. We when in and created a brand new site that represented her and her brand.


The Website: Clean, Modern design where you can quickly go to the information you are looking for and you will always find valuable content.

New Website

Sheron is now ready to share her books with the word. If you are an author looking to showcase your work contact us. We would love to talk more about your vision for your brand and how we can help take it to the next level.

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