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Branding & Website: CTW Savory Delights

CTW Savory Delights products bring family together with the sweet/salty taste that lasts well over a second on your tongue. Whether you’re grabbing a healthy trail mix snack after a workout or you’re in the mood for a creamy peanut butter praline candy, we can accommodate your tastes buds.

Project Overview: When the owner

contacted us she was unsure where to start. She was working on a limited budget but known she needed a website and logo to jumpstart her company. Even through the budget she had in mind originally our project proposal was a little over she decided to work with us because our knowledge and customer service made her feel like she was working with family.


The Logo: Logo Design included a sweet pepper to replace the "O" in savory. Most of the products in the line has sweet peppers in it.


Logo Design

The Website: Clean, Modern design. With each scroll you are greeted by good food that makes you want to eat.

New Website

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