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Prinnys Exclusive Cleaners

Prinnys Exclusive cleaners is a company that strives to provide its customers in the Tri-State Area exclusive, thorough, high quality and reliable cleaning. They know the importance of having and maintaining a clean space.

Project Overview: When we first met the owner of Prinnys Exclusive Cleaners we understood that they needed an attractive identity that would convey the quality of the services they offer.


The Logo: We created three logo alternatives so that it can be used efficiently in different ways. The final logo design composed of 2 sprinklers that are distinctive elements of the cleaning sector, the colors used are gold, burgundy and silver represent elegance and exclusivity in addition to a typography that integrates everything in perfect balance.


Logo Design


If you are looking to re-fresh or launch your brand schedule a FREE Coffee time chat with us to discuss your goals and vision.

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