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Since the beginning of LRP Designs, I’ve worked with talented creators and businesses — Designing meaningful visual identities that allow them to authentically describe their story through branding & satisfy their ideal clients with ease. Your business represents a part of you, and that means developing a brand identity that is more than just beautiful — it’s emotional, connection-driven and conscious. When you spend your days doing something that you’re passionate about, you require your work to be represented in the best possible light. That’s why I’m in this place  —  to clarify your vision and produce a conscious representation of the business that’s so dear to your heart.  With this,  you can expect more time doing what you love and let your brand run on autopilot while attracting and connecting with genuine people. 

La-Shauna is a graduate certificated Brand and Product Marketer that always had a passion for branding. She started her event styling company, Cutesy Events, in 2015 and has worked hard to brand herself and the company to attract her target clientele. She has taken her experience in entrepreneurship in combination with what she is currently learning in her MBA program at Florida Institute of Technology to create a brand that is helping entrepreneurs hit their sales goal by attracting their target clients and establishing themselves as a BRAND.