Your visual branding is more than just a logo. It's giving life to the untold stories of your brand; the untold stories of you that will attract your dream clients. A step up from the logo package, the Branding Package helps you to grow into your brand by providing more customized visual elements to use in a website design or on socials.


Package Total: $765.00

This package includes:

• A primary logo designed from up to three options with and without your tagline

• One variation of the logo for alternate applications

• A primary color palette identified to use with the logo

• Final files for digital and print including social media sizes, watermark logo, and logo with/without the tagline

• A one-page reference guide for using the logo

• Custom Email Signature

• Double Sides Business Card Design

• (1) E-Flyer Design 

• Custom Logo Shirt

• Social Media Kit: 5 Highlight Bottoms and 3 Social Media Graphics

•One Pager Site**

*Design & Double Sided Printing Included*

**Does not include Squarespace domain hosting monthly fees

Total Paid is the Down-Payment for this package 


Please complete Website Design & Brand Development Questionnaire located under the Client Portal tab, as well as the footer.

The Hustle Branding Packaging

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