Your visual branding is more than just a logo. It's giving life to the untold stories of your brand; the untold stories of you that will attract your dream clients. A step up from the logo package, the Branding Package helps you to grow into your brand by providing more customized visual elements to use in on social and packaging.


This package includes:

• A primary logo designed from up to three options with and without your tagline

• One variation of the logo for alternate applications

• A primary color palette identified to use with the logo

• Final files for digital and print including: social media sizes, watermark logo, and logo with/without the tagline

• A one-page reference guide for using the logo

• Custom Email Signature

• (1) E-Flyer Design

• Business Card Designs (Front & Back) & 500 Printed Cards 

•  Thank You Flyer Design & 500 (4 x 6 ) Printed

• Social Media Kit (  5  Highlight Buttons, 3 Social media Flyers) 

•  (1) Custom Logo T-Shirt 

• 5-page E-Comm. Website Design (Up to 10 items listed)


*Design & Double Sided Printing Included*


You will receive an email with a link to your Personalized Client Portal via Trillo 24 hours after placing your order.  Here you will be able to complete all questionnaires as well as contact your designer for your project.


The C.E.O Branding Package

  • This package includes:

    Everything in the BASIC LOGO DESIGN package plus...

    • Complete branding guide including pairing suggestions for patterns/textures with color palettes

    • Custom Email Signature

    • Business Card Designs & 1000 Printed Business Cards

    •Flyer Design & 500 (4 x 6 )Flyers

    • Sticker Design and 250 Stickers

    • Social Media Kit: 5 Highlight Bottoms and 3 Social Media Graphics

    •One Pager Site**

    *Design & Double Sided Printing Included*

    **Does not include WIX domain hosting monthly fees

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