Let's  Translate Your Small Business into an Online Digital Experience 


Custom design is carefully crafted to create a website that is tailored to your own unique brand and business esthetic.  We work with you every step of the way to develop a website that you love.  Includes a full marketing dashboard and all of the tools to help you streamline your day-to-day business.  Beautiful and functional for the win!

What will you get with your investment?

Whether you want to give your existing website a makeover, or designing from scratch, our premium web design service will help your online business:

Capture new leads

Create raving fan customers

Scale and manage operations

Stay engaged with clients
Sell products worldwide*

Have an authentic brand

Host virtual events/meetings

Promote products/service

Get found on Google

And we'll do all of this in a way that’s authentic and in alignment with your company values.

The Boss Branding Is broken into 3 sections:

Uncover the Foundation 

for your brand

First, We’ll define what makes your business awesome! To jump start your brand development we will meet on ZOOM to discuss your brands  goals, I’ll help you establish your brand identity, uncover your ideal client persona, value proposition, and develop your brand's overall aesthetic that willmake your brand  one-of-a-kind and highly desired

Invent the Identity.

Next, we develop your brand's identity. During the second phase we will work to define your brand by creating your brands moodboard,

logo design, & patterns that will tight your brand strategy and design together.  We will also  plan your photoshoot and create a inspiration board that you will can share with your photographer.

Establish Your Digital Presences 

The final phase establishes an online presence by developing a moblie friendly website with a target strategy that will catch the attention of your ideal clientele and communicates your value to clients with with ease

Over the course of

10 weeks, you'll receive:


90-Minute Brand Strategy Session

Purposely Branding  Workbook


Brand Identity Suite

Style Guide

Color Palette

Font References

Two (2) pieces of Marketing Collateral

       -business cards, Thank you cards

infomation booklet, etc.

Brand Photoshoot Planning Session


Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Website Strategy

SEO Optimization

Google Business Listing

Social Media integration
Contact form integration 

Launch Day Graphic


Social Media ReVamp
60-Minute Strategy Session 


Is the Boss Branding  Package  for you?

Where You Are Now:

You have zero strategy in place.

You're  brand is going with the flow and changing everyday, without any real strategy. You're feeling overwhelmed with building a successful brand and need clarity on your next step.


You're talking to "everyone."

You have no idea whom you're speaking to  and you're ready to figure out  how to speak to your tribe.



You're brand is not  authentic.

You find yourself copying a brand that is similar to yours  because you're not sure about  your value and don't know how to emerge as a exper​t in your


Where You Could Be:

Your brand is mapped out.

You know your brands goals, vision and purpose &  can plan ahead.


You're talking to THE ONE.

You know whom you're serving and can develop a strategy to speak directly to your audience, without worrying about attracting the wrong person



You know your "IT" factor

You understand your brands value, purpose, mission, and vision and are confident in what you provide and know how to stand out.

Your Client Portal

All Brand Development Clients receive a Personalized Client Portal via Trello. In the portal, we are able to share files and ideas as well as communicate with each other  

Untitled design (2).png

Your Client Portal 

The Boss Branding Package includes One-On-One Brand Development services, 10 weekly calls to guide you through the entire strategy process, custom design branding suite, a brand new website,personalized social media templates,  launch strategy development, and more.

How long is 

the process?

The timeline of the project is 10 weeks, but can take longer  due various circumstances.

During our project, it is vital that brand photography is completed. Having professional photos elevates your branding to a new level.The investment of a  brand photography is not included in our pricing. We do have a list of  recommend photographers that we can share with you upon request.


The total investment for the Boss Branding Package  is $5,000 with a deposit of $1250 and three monthly payments of $1250.


Are there any other

investment I need to make?

What is the


If you are ready to take your brand to the next level  and Marketing your brand with purpose this package is for you!